Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

sushisushisushi (berlin day 3 & 4 & ...)

After the first two days we spent with eating, eating and eating the whole time - we decided with pappa B to do the same in the next few days we are staying in Berlin. So on Sunday we started the day with eating, then with drinking a bottle Riesling at Tucholsky Straße with a friend at a bar which is called Bar (it was called Bar, but now it has a name - I am not able to remember that, so we still call it the bar called Bar). That was followed by the first round sushi for this week at TTP. If you love Sushi as much as pappa B and I do, you have to go to Ishin or TTP here in Berlin! It is cheap, and their fish is always fresh :) 
The other days we spent eating again, but this time Sushi at TTP, and some fried champignons and Cordon Blue at a typical German Pub near to the Tiergarten. 

cheaper than water
favourite: watermelon mint (all from H&M)

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