Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

The Little Black Jacket / Berlin

Actually, I hadn't planned to fly to Berlin again, but destiny wanted me to go - and it was also my destiny, that the LITTLE BLACK JACKET EXHIBITION by KARL LAGERFELD also opened at that time, so it was out of question to visit it! I visited it twice, first with a lovely friend, and the second time with my dad and boyfriend who turned out to be the greatest frustrators of all time. They complained the whole time about "WHAT? This exhibition is only about one little black jacket? Are you kidding that we will look photos with people wearing the same jacket in each photograph?" Yes, I'm damn sure about that. The exhibition - as it name suggests - is about Chanel's famous little black jacket which might be after that only really enjoyable for fashionistas. 
The entry to the exhibition is free and each visitor gets a little present :-) 
(search for the exhibition at the subway station U2 at Potsdamer Platz)



  1. hört sich toll an und sieht auch so aus! habe schon viel davon gehört, doch leider noch nie gesehen :/
    Lieben Gruß ♥

  2. Deine Bilder sind geil *-*
    Aber sowas von!!!

  3. Tolle Bilder ! *___*
    Mir gefällt das dritt letzte totaal gut :))

  4. Wirklich schöne Bilder, sowas würde ich mir auch liebend gern mal anschauen.

  5. Ui ich mag dein blogdesign *_*



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