Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

where to follow the little green monster?

As pappa B just begun to use online platforms in his spare time, he registered to several more social, but less communicative sites all over the world wide web. So the number of pages grew, while the little green monster got more and more confused. Finally, here is a list where you can follow pappa B - first would be this blog, yay? ;-)

First to mention would be definitely FACEBOOK. Pappa B joined that page right after going online with this blog. Probably only a platform to make propaganda for this blog, but it will get more cosy and informative when it grows bigger :-) But it's fun to share things that rapid!

Who loves pictures, loves TUMBLR(and pinterest)! Pictures of different topics, mainly reblogged - but if you search a little, you will find pictures from the blog to which you then can easily repost to your tumblr page :-) And not the mention all the music suggestions under each photograph. 

Third one would be pappa B's and my most favourite one: FASHIOLISTA. At the beginning I totally freaked out, if someone loved one finding of mine or simply a loved item. Now I'm only freaking out, if they comment or follow me :-) Eventhough, this page is so adorable and one of the best sources for inspiration.

You can also join the BLOGLOVIN page for news about pappa B. If you do not check your g+ or any other platforms very often, bloglovin provides a great space to stay tuned and be up to date with your favourite blogs.

There is another page for bloggers. The german "BLOG-ZUG" (blogtrain), where you can hop on (to hop off in 10 minutes again) and gain more readers. It's fun because you can collect points and get to know other lovely little blogs too :-)

There are other pages too - like windowswear, pinterest, polyvore, lookbook etc. - where pappa B joined the community, but these are only in the pre-phase, so prepare for another "where to follow" post in a couple of months, when these other pages become more filled with content :-)

Which sites would You suggest pappa B to use in addition to spread the love? :-)

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